When I think in leather bags….only one brand comes to my mind: Loewe. Am I the only one? Their bags are so perfect, the leather is so soft that I can’t avoid touching it every time I see one.

Do you know Loewe’s history? Don’t you? Loewe is a Spanish brand! 167 years ago, a German artesian Enrique Loewe Roessberg (Do you recognize the first surname?) arrived at Madrid and founded the most important luxury leather goods brand in the world.
One of the details which I love in its bags and suitcases and which are distinctive and unique are the metallic details, they are beautiful and super elegant!
No matter how many years pass or how many new brands appear, Loewe will be always a model to follow. Haven’t you ever dreamt with having one of those bags? Loewe is and will be always synonym of luxury.


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