How to Choose a Wedding Dress

Today I’m going to give you some advice on how to to make the choosing of your wedding an easy task, but most of all on how to choose the wedding dress you want.


Where should you start looking?

“I saw on the Internet…” This is a comment I get all the time. That’s because almost every bride to be starts by surfing the web when they start looking for their dream dress. It’s actually not a bad starting point but the amount of brands and models online will probably end up overwhelming you and with more hesitation than before.

Bear in mind that not every dress will adapt to every body shape so its cut and style are extremely important for it to fit. There are some aspects you really want to be paying attention to even if they are not the most important. You may ask why. It’s because that’s what the fitting and the dressmaker are for as well as the reason to be for our Custom Made dresses philosophy. It’s better to fit the dress into your body than the other way around.

My recommendation is that the first thing you do is dream, let yourself go and think about your perfect wedding. Talk about it with your couple and tell each other about your dreams and expectations. Then you will surely know the dress you want and need to make you live that dream

Should I start browsing long before the wedding?

Well, it is your wedding so you set the pace but don’t be hasty about choosing the dress.

We usually launch our new collections by the end of summer. That is probably the best time to start looking. That way you will learn the trends and new features that bridal fashion is proposing and you’ll have an accurate idea of what you might find.

How many boutiques must I visit before I make a decision?

There’s no right answer to that question. You choose. I don’t recommend visiting too many. If you find one where they listen and understand your thoughts and ideas stick with it. Find a brand that makes you feel appreciated and confident and understand you are special and invest time on answering to you questions and the fitting. Seriously, stop looking the very moment you find that place!

Choose a Wedding Dress

How many people may come with me to the fitting?

Bring how many people you want to the fitting but the more people, the more opinions and that usually means delays and pressure.  It’s not about how many but about trust. It’s your dress, your wedding… your decision.

How will I know if I made the right decision?

Some may say the old “you’ll know the moment you see it” but I’m not sure about that. There’s a long process of fitting, mending and adapting for your dress to fulfill your expectations.

In the end is all about trusting your gut. You’ve dreamt a very long time about it so you know what’s right. Surround yourself with professional and experienced people that know how to listen. If you find them you have almost everything you seek.

Remember: Be #CustomMade

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