How can something as small as an engagement ring make us feel so unique?

Before the wedding we all eagerly look forward to that moment when the love of our live declares to us. A nervous boyfriend looking for a ring, your ring, the one that will bring the two of you together for life. Then, one day, time stands still. He takes a knee as a symbol of his love and commitment and asks you to marry him. It’s magical!


But when and where did we started using rings in proposals?

It may be hard to believe but this tradition goes back more than 500 years to the time Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary Burgundy a golden ring with a diamond as a token of his love.


The idea behind the diamond was for it to last in time, not because Marilyn Monroe said they were a girl’s best friend, but because they symbolize something indestructible and lasting. On top of that, rings are a circle because it’s the only shape with no beginning and no end, just like love!


More facts on engagement rings?

The ring is placed on the third finger, where old civilizations believed the love vein (vena amoris) to be and headed towards the heart. As to which hand to use it’s more of a geographical custom. In the USA, Canada, England, France and Mexico they use the left hand whereas in India, Russia or Germany they use the right one.

If you thought February was the month with most proposals due to Valentine’s… you are far from right. December is actually the month with the most proposals. Could there be a better gift for that time of year? Maybe this year you’ll get the surprise you are longing for. Can you imagine?

Kisses and hugs.


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