Headdresses and headbands for your wedding day. Do or don’t?

When I start a new design I visualize the big picture and the whole look including shoes, dress, accessories, hairdo, headdress… Every bride is unique and that’s the reason why each of my designs is made for you and a specific moment. No detail is left to fate or chance.

Plenty of brides decide to wear headbands or headdresses as the perfect accessory for their hairdo and dress. Moreoften they replace the traditional veils due to their beauty and versatility There’s a wide range of headbands and headdresses on the market nowadays.

Take as an example the model Nelson of the Cala Brides from Ibiza 2015 collection. You could wear it with a wonderful wine colored flower headband. It’d be perfect for a white sandy beach wedding. Can you picture it? You’d be gorgeous.

cala nelson

In a completely different style you can see the headdress that goes with the Silo dress from the Couture 2015 collection. It’s a creative and spectacular design that transmits tenderness and sweetness. The embroidering and the feathers are the perfect company for the dress. There you have it: a perfect 10.

couture silo

You may take a different path and go for a subtle headband as the one that goes with Icaria from the Romantic 2015 Collection. It’s the perfect icing for the cake: simple lines and romantic cut for an elegant and refined look. Just what a present day bride that enjoys simplicity without being dull.

romantic icaria

There are a million combinations to choose from for your hair and head on your wedding day. I’m confident you’ll find the right one for you. Any ideas? I’ll be glad to hear them from you 😉 Be #CustomMade

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