Goodbye bachelorette party! Hello Bridal Party!

How long until your wedding? Are you counting the days until that special one? Nerve wrecking, isn’t it? Worry not, there’s plenty of time ahead. Time, for example, to celebrate your bachelorette party… or not.  

You don’t want the traditional bachelorette party? Not a fan of costumes and being the center of attention? Perfect! If you rather do something different, special with a reduced group of close friends, sisters and relatives here’s the best idea for you: a Bridal Party!

It’s a reunion with the closest people to you. An intimate celebration in a relaxed mood where you can enjoy a cocktail with the ones you love the most and know you better. They, your best friends and relatives will have presents selected just for you. They are the ones that know you best and can pick whatever it is you like need or crave. You’ll love them.

One of the keys to celebrating a Bridal Party is the venue. There’s a myriad of possibilities: from a greenhouse filled with your favorite flowers to a small cottage in the countryside, a cove on a remote island… Let your imagination fly!

Here are some ideas just for you…




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