Hi, girls!! It seems the cold is on its way, right?

And since when has that been an obstacle when it comes to getting married?

We have some advice to set you thinking and, you’ll see, soon you’ll be dying to throw yourself into autumn!


What should I wear?

Yes, girls, I would wave goodbye to the CALA collection which is better suited to the good weather (unless you’re from somewhere more temperate) and go for our VILLAIS, LOVE or COSMO CITY BRIDE collections.

As for the dress, I have three suggestions for you, depending on how daring you are:

1.- A long dress with a slight lace sleeve and, sure enough, you’ll look incredible!



2.-  If you’re feeling somewhat daring, I would choose a dress with a beiger tone or even a pale pink. It’s ideal for this time of year!


3.-  And… at the highest level… Only if you’re someone who’s as daring as they come… Get married in trousers or a jumpsuit! More and more celebrities are opting for this option and we think it’s spot on.



What’s more, it’s a season in which it’s neither hot nor cold. These are the perfect climatic conditions for choosing the fabric which favours you the most.


Where should I hold it?

It’s autumn, let’s not be alarmed.

We can choose either a covered area or one that’s outside.

The key lies in finding a place that’s cosy. If you decide to get married outside, I would decorate the area with some torches or lanterns and choose somewhere a little sheltered. This way, I’m sure you’ll manage to give your big day that special touch that you’re looking for.


Do you see yourself getting married on a terrace with breath-taking views of the sea?


W Barcelona Hotel

And walking upon a blanket of dry leaves?


Also, in both October and November the light is incredible for photographs, if you don’t believe it, take my word for it and tell me about it later!


Which accessories are fitting?

Starting with the bouquet, which is often the focus of everyone’s attention, dried flowers can give it a look which is both very autumnal and beautiful at the same time.

As for jewellery and other accessories:

If you decide on a white dress, I would go for brown, gold, burgundy, purple or blue tones which are perfect for this season.


Wedding trends


But, if you have taken a risk with the colour of your dress, then I would choose less striking tones such as pearls, whites or silvers.

Also, this time of the year lends itself splendidly to flowers in duller tones, which doesn’t make them any less beautiful, and many natural elements which, personally, I think are thrilling. Above all in flower wreaths (with ears of wheat, sunflowers or wild flowers).




Still not convinced?

Put on some boots which are more comfortable and warm, give out soft pashminas to your guests (instead of the espadrilles that are always given in summer) and don’t skimp on expenses as it’s low seasons for weddings and you’ll save a lot of money.


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And that’s all, girls, if you’re up for it don’t forget to tell us everything: details, the chosen place, dress and experience… Happy Autumn!

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