Sometimes it’s easy to fall in love with a dress but when it comes down to the accessories be at a complete loss. Has it ever happened to you? Don’t fret.

Let’s analyze all this season’s trends.

Check it out and I hope it helps you!

XXL earrings and a trendy necklace in order to shine more than ever

Obviously I haven’t forgotten about wedding traditions: something used, something borrowed, something blue. These traditions are really lifesavers regarding jewelry. Trust me, the results are amazing.

Choose XXL blue baroque style earrings borrowed from your mother, grandmother or even your mother in law… It could be the key! This way you’ll add a personal and eye catching touch to your look. If you don’t want to wear something borrowed I recommend my favorite stores: ACUS, Tiahra, Aristocrazy or TOUS (ranked from cheaper to more expensive).

As necklaces go I wouldn’t take chokers out of the table since they have really made a mark at Dior, Chanel and Saint Laurent’s shows. I agree, it’s risky but if the choice is good it’ll look astonishing!


Wedding trends

All aboard the bralette train

Not everything that matters is at plain sight. You must be comfortable and the way to achieve that comfort is the perfect lingerie. Choose according to your dress’ neckline and look for items that adapt to it.

I personally love brallettes… So romantic! Brands like Women Secret and Urban Outfiters offer some good quality economic options. If you are looking for something more upscale Andrés Sardá or La Perla are your go to brands.


Urban Outfiters


Women Secret

Love your shoes

I know I’ve already told you this but the most crucial aspect is for you to be comfortable and enjoy your day. If you are not used to wearing heels it may be in your best interest to choose sandals or wedges (perfect with our CALA collection).

If you go for the heels I really love sandal style and thick heels. My fetish color is white but pastel or nude tones would look perfect while adding a beautiful touch to your look.

Needless to say I’d go for crystals, jewels and lace on the shoes. I really love those!


A very important “just in case”

Latest trends tell us that a jacket can be an essential piece of your wedding look. You heard well: more than the dress. How? It’s simple: a blazer!

You wouldn’t believe how this item can change a dress and in my opinion it’s perfect with overalls like this one from our colección LOVE or dresses with a lot of see through fabric.


If you want to take it up a notch even more wear a stole, a bolero or a chal which are perfect for the occasion.


What about my hair?

I must say I saved best for last…

I’ve got to tell you a secret. I am a sucker for flower crowns (as I said before on this very blog). I really think they are ideal for all seasons. They have that natural and gorgeous essence we all look for on our wedding day.

They can be really simple if you don’t like to overdo it or be extravagant and spectacular if you prefer.


But for a change… let me say that this season I’m in love with tiaras and headbands. Thay have so much personality to add to your dress they’ll make you look the exact gorgeous bride you set out to be. You can even achieve the Greek goddess look!

corona img_7255

Martina Dorta

In addition I really like turbans this season. Along a LOVE or CALA collection dress by Villais they allow you to get that boho-chic look you were looking for. But if a turban is a bit too much for you can get the same effect by using bobby pins and ornaments on a braid.




    Le Voilà


Girls, I really hope you are now up to speed with the latest trends on accessories for your wedding look. They really are perfect for the VILLAIS collections.


Now it’s your turn to speak, which one is your favorite?

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