#CustomMade Valentine’s Day

It’s almost upon us!!! The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun. So much to get ready in very short time. Not to say this year you decided to take the initiative and plan a special romantic date.

So many questions: ¿What gift should I choose? What do I prepare? And Where? first thing I recommend: Relax! Deep breaths. There’s still time to organize a surprise. If you are trying to avoid the clichés and catch him by surprise I can give you some easy-to-do ideas he’s surely going to love.

There’s nothing more romantic than a well cooked breakfast in bed. It’ won’t take more tha a couple minutes to prepare it. Some strawberries, French toast and a fresh brewed coffee will do the trick. Start the day energized!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

You know our philosophy Villais: Be #CustomMade in all the aspects of your life. That is why if you want to give a present you should make it yourself. There are a million ideas and DIY projects out there for a unique and special gift.

Valentine’s Day

what about a short trip? I’m sure he’d be wowed. Imagine a countryside villa with a view over the snowy mountains. Get the fireplace running and pour a couple glasses of red Spanish wine. Wonderful set up, isn’t it? That’s what I call day to remember.

gift Valentine’s Day

As you can see, there is plenty of options to be original and spend a perfect V-Day. But please, don’t forget to love and surprise your partner everyday of your life! 🙂

XOXO. Sara.

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