Custom Made: something more than a work philosophy

Sara Villaverde Custom Made

We don’t believe in shinny words, we believe in in a well done job. That is why “Custom Made” would make no sense to me if I didn’t feel it is a reflection of myself and the perfect definition of our way of doing things.

Custom Made defines our brand, our identity as a team here at Villais and it sure set us apart from other ones. Since the beginning we wanted to be different and improve everyday by making things the right way. That’s why we customize your dress with your inputs and suggestions. Our versatility allows us to perform exclusive changes to your dress so that it looks like no other dress in the world.

These are all unique traits that let Villais become a brand that guarantees fully customizable dresses on demand. On top of that there is the fact that we work from Spain and our atelier is in Valladolid (200 kilometers northwest of Madrid) and we control all the processes from the first stitch to the last. That way we can offer a unique dress in almost no time.

After four decades we have never stopped paying attention to details and fuss over all the fabrics, ornaments and materials. Our goal is to design and make quality dresses with affordable prices and strengthen our bet on kind service for our clients: the Custom Made brides.

If you want to know more on how we work take a look at this video and let us know your impressions ?

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