CALA Brides from Ibiza, source of inspiration

bodas otoño

For a while now I’ve been observing the trends that set all future collections’ style on the Internet and also through all the face to face contact with all the women for whom I made bridal dresses. Those observations have given me a pretty good idea of how the taste has evolved these previous years.

Each woman shows their preferences: some like classic weddings while others prefer romantic, vintage or modern ones. But however they want their wedding to be they all share a will to find elements that make their weddings different from all others. They seek self fulfillment and to be unique and special so that their weddings are remembered for those differentiating elements.

A few months ago we created CALA Brides from Ibiza in order to offer an answer to all those brides looking for something different. It’s a collection inspired by the ocean, fresh air and the beaches of Ibiza and tries to widen the variety of bridal gowns and overstep the current limits.

Several companies give answer to the new necessities of modern brides through a wide variety of designs that meets all those new bridal concepts of a modern, cool, casual brides that try to avoid their wedding from becoming a protocolary event and want their character and identity to show on every detail of their special day.

bodas otoño

This is why I’ve made a selection of original and quality websites that have somehow influenced my work and with which I feel highly identified when it comes to #CALA Brides from Ibiza new designs. If you are looking for inspiration or ideas for a place on which to organize your wedding you may want to visit some of these sites.

Have you ever tried to look for inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest or any other social networks? You could find marvelous floral creations at Elena Suárez & Co or El taller de Lucía. The stunning and very personal wedding invitations at Save the date or the original photographic and video work by Retrato de un instante or Días de vino y rosas are innovative and speak a more cutting edge language.

bodas otoño

Just picture how great would it look if you put CALA Brides from Ibiza and the work of some of these companies together: you would certainly love it!!

Images property of Villais (1) Días de Vino y Rosas (2) y Retrato de Instante (3).

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