Are you a superstitious bride?


Today I’m going to tell you about the wedding traditions and superstitions, mostly in Spain. Sometimes while trying on gowns some clients ask me about this matter because they don’t know what to expect on their wedding day or just to satisfy their guests preconceptions.


My advice remains unaltered: enjoy, don’t set goals and don’t try to please anyone because it should work the other way around: guests must adapt to the wedding with which the couple’s comfortable.

Almost everybody knows that tradition says brides must cover the “four somethings”: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Something blue meaning love and commitment, something borrowed from a happily married person to inherit that luck. The new is frequently associated to the bright future that begins on the wedding day and the something old is the allegory for the bride’s past.

There’s another tradition that keeps groom and bride from seeing each other before the wedding ceremony. In the past a lot of marriages were arranged and it was usual to fear a change of mind in any of the parts if they saw each other so it finally became a bad luck sign.  Nowadays is more about keeping the suspense on the dress as long and possible, don’t you think?

The use of veils by brides hides a sweet tradition. Back in the Roman Empire’s time veils were responsible of protecting brides from unkind spirits that were thought to bring misery to the couple’s life.

There are several other superstitions and traditions but what you must keep in mind and really matters is that you are going to marry the love of your life. Your wedding is going to be special and unique and you both are going to be happy ever after 🙂

superstitious bride

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