A Magical Season

Today let’s put dresses, looks and hairdos aside… Christmas spirit has taken over me! 🙂

I love it! All the light decorations on the streets, houses, shops and above all on family reunions. Everyone catching up and reminiscing on the good old times. The smile on my face is permanent these days. Does it happen to you too?

This long weekend is the perfect time to start decorating. Do you need any ideas? I have thousands for you.

First step: the Christmas tree. It’s a must! My tip is to not saturate it with balls and tinsel. Less is more. Use colors that outstand over the green of tree: red, silver, golden and ochre are perfect.

Use different objects to decorate it. No need to use only balls. Go for pine cones, ribbons, reindeers… Let your imagination fly!

Magical Season

So now that we have our tree ready, what else could we do on our house? You know I’m a sucker for creative, unique and out of the box ideas. Be #CustomMade ?

One of the projects I like the most is making my own Christmas sock And also the rest of my family’s. Hang them from the tree or your favorite spot in the house. Again: use your imagination. There are no rules so design them like you feel like.

 Magical Season

If you have kids you can set up a chalkboard or a whiteboard and write a different message every day: Merry Christmas! Season’s Greetings! Welcome! All I Want for Christmas Is You! Whatever comes to mind? 🙂

Here goes an idea for a DIY ornament piece both easy to make and fun for the kids: snowmen out of old socks. They look great! Follow the steps and make one yourself here

Magical Season

It’s the perfect season to dream and, your creativity soar and make your house look amazing! Please write if you go through with any of the ideas and tell me how it went, ok? Kisses.

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