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One of the most frequent questions I got asked about CALA dresses is “Isn’t this dress meant for a beach wedding?”

I always answer with a smile. When I imagine a new design I don’t do it regarding the place it should be used at. That’s a decision to be made by the couple. What I do think is about transmitting and evoking a concept through certain fabrics and shapes. However it shouldn’t influence the venue you want for your wedding.

When it comes down to planning a wedding, besides the dress and the decoration, you should focus on finding the perfect venue in order to be sure it’s a huge success.

custom made

Always keep your guests in mind and what you would in their place. Design an unforgettable wedding for you as well as them. Aim towards them being comfortable and focus on their trips to the venue adjusting schedules and finding places for them to stay the night after the celebration if it takes place in a secluded place. Make it easy for them.

Measure the size of wedding you want and invite accordingly. Don’t invite too many people if you want an intimate wedding but don’t fall short if the place is big or there will be more empty space than people.

custom made

My advice is to aim for your dream wedding and never lose track of your goals for such a big day. Intimate calls for a cabin in the mountains or a romantic cove by the seaside. You’ll need a decoration to fit the spirit and undoubtedly outdoors during Spring or Summer. This way you’ll even have the perfect scenery for your wedding pictures.

custom made

If you want a huge wedding on which to have all your friends, family, work buddies and acquaintances you’ll need a spacey, comfortable place with fast service and access. Hotels, restaurants and estates are your best choice and will let you have a #CustomMade decoration. Once you set the date it will all start falling into place.

And, of course, whatever you choose you have the freedom to get married in the dress you prefer. You choosing CALA Brides from Ibiza doesn’t mean you have to marry on an island on the Mediterranean, despite it would be a gorgeous wedding if you did ?

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