5 Perfect Places to Celebrate Your Wedding At

Do you already know where you are going to celebrate your wedding? What a dilemma. Think that the seat distribution, the flowers and even the dress should adapt to the place you choose. It’s an important decision so take your time. Allow me to be of help and tell you about 5 ideal venues to celebrate your wedding.

1. Outdoors

The number of outdoor weddings are rising. It makes sense. This type of wedding has its perks: no space problems and infinite possibilities to decorate and enjoy the nice weather all day long. It’s one of the most interesting choices in my opinion. The downside, however, is the weather could spoil the day, so watch the forecast closely ?

Perfect Places Celebrate Wedding

2. By the Seaside

If you have the chance to do something different and memorable, could there be anything more romantic than a seaside wedding? I don’t think so. A hidden cove near a cliff by the shadow of a lighthouse can make of your wedding a unique and unforgettable celebration.

Perfect Places Celebrate Wedding

3. Your Favorite Spot

Use your imagination! I’m one hundred percent sure your couple and you have a favorite spot like the place you kissed for the very first time or the spot where he proposed. Every couple has their own! It can be the perfect choice to relive your love story.

lPerfect Places Celebrate Wedding

4. At the Family’s Country House

A lot of families have a small piece of land or a country house on a small town. It’s a great place to go back to your origins and family roots. The perfect spot to begin a new chapter of your lives. In addition you’ll have total freedom to decorate the place however you want. No obstacles at all.

Perfect Places Celebrate Wedding

5. Urban Wedding

You love the city. The coming and going, the buzz of the busy bees… Why go away and leave that behind if that is who you are? A small wedding on a building top with the view of the skyline and a chill out ambience… Appealing, isn’t it?

What’s clear to me is that regardless the place you end up choosing the most important thing is the people you’ll have around you that day. Trust me, without that people to celebrate with, the most perfect place on Earth won’t make a difference.

These are my 5 favorite places to have a wedding. And now tell me, what are yours?


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