5 Mistakes Brides Usually Make

Sometimes brides are so focused on everything going smooth they forget the most important aspect of their weddings: themselves!

Being the bride is not easy and some mistakes need to be pointed since they happen without you noticing them. From my professional perspective and experience I recommend to pay attention and avoid them at all cost.

1. Uncomfortable Shoes

The key is to balance beauty and comfort. Think about it. You will be on your feet standing and dancing for several hours with family and friends… Are you going to let the shoes ruin all the fun? Absolutely no! Use your shoes days before the wedding and let them know who’s the boss.

villais shoes

Here’s a tip: despite being the bride it’s ok if you decide to change your shoes by the end of the evening and wear flat, comfortable ones. It’s your wedding. You are the star. Do as you please ?

2. Dress Way Too Tight

You want the perfect dress. That I can understand. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be comfortable wearing it. Use the proper size. You wouldn’t want to faint or get dizzy on account of a too tight dress, would you? I’m sure with the correct dress you’ll astound everyone.

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3. Too Much Diet

Gaining some weight before the big day is one of the top concerns for brides. But are you sure not eating at all is the solution? Wrong! The days preceding your wedding you’ll be nervous, which is normal, but you really need to eat. Exercise and choose healthy food and you’ll be perfect.

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Enjoy your day. Remember to have an energy oriented breakfast for very intense hours are on their way and you will need all that drive. One more thing: eat during the banquet! Live the big celebration that is your wedding and lean on your spouse (it may very well be one of the few moments you two will get to enjoy together during the day).

4. Bad Sleep the Day Before

It’s normal to feel nervous and excited before your W-day but you need to rest. You’ll thank me, I can promise you that much. The bags under your eyes can be prevented with good rest and some naps. You’re going to shine bright! ?

villais sleep

So you know: rest, exercise, walk, read, watch movies and spend time with your couple. Do whatever you enjoy but don’t forget to sleep. Use all that energy at your wedding.

5. Not Having an Emergency Kit

Your hairdo or makeup may not resist the hectic coming and going of a wedding so be sure to carry an emergency kit. A bridesmaid or a family member can carry it for you. That little tweak during the day will make you feel confident and enjoy your day to the fullest.

villais kit

We wrote about the content of the emergency kit on this post so it helps you solve any small inconvenience that comes up on your wedding.

Keep all these tips close to you. I guarantee you’ll be calmed and relaxed and that will allow you to focus on having an amazing day with your couple, family and friends.

In the end, that is the reason you celebrate your wedding, isn’t it?

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