Although your wedding day is different to any other day of the year…


It doesn’t mean that you should change your personal style or your personality when choosing your wedding dress or hairstyle!


For this reason, I’ll give you some ideas about different hairstyles according different personalities.


Here we go!


1-. For the most natural, free spirited ones:

Those who love the nature and, as could not be otherwise, think on their wedding day in a cove or in the mountains… Those who prefer comfort and nature… and that would go barefoot or with sandals…

Here are my options!

An easy and messy braid. If you prefer, you can decorate it with wild flowers, but always with the natural touch that characterizes you.

Or hair down with a flower crown. As you look your best!

floral_teenager_nature_flowers_tree_landscape-711907 trenzas-des1


2-. For the boldest ones:

If you like breaking the rules and everyone turns around to look at you due to your originality…

Go for a genuine vintage-style hairstyle!

Personally, I love the “20 fingers waves” option, with dream waves or an “old Hollywood” style with a pin-up touch.

Be aware! The boldest celebrities already wear these hairstyles, why don’t you?

vintage1 vintage2


3-. For the most romantic ones:

For all those who have been dreaming with their wedding and imagining every detail… For those who have an elegant and classical style but with a chic touch…

You can choose a low bun, braided or with tiara. You’ll be the princess you have always dreamed of!

clasica1 clasica2


4-. For the most original and entrepreneurial ones:

For the modern woman with a more casual style…

I recommend putting your hair up, in a pony tail, from a relaxed and low style to a high pony tail.

Do not think that it’s a normal hairstyle as the ones you wear every day!

There are dresses and urban-style weddings to which this look fits perfectly!

If you want that your personality stands out, use accessories such as tiaras, brooches or braids. The result would be incredible!

coleta1 coleta2 coleta3


5-. For those who prefer simplicity:

If you reject an elaborate and pompous style… Choose a natural and relaxed style!

There are more options than wearing your hair down. A good idea could be braided buns, that are simple but at the same time flattering.

informales1 recogido


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