Dental Treatments and the options for Deals

Dental Treatments and the options for Deals

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Did you see how the number of dentist and dental clinic profiles has increased dramatically over the last few months on Instagram? Do you use your Facebook page to spread information, doubts and curiosities about oral health? Did you notice any changes in the habits of patients who come to your office? The tools that the Internet provides us are multiple so that we can increasingly make the population aware of the importance of oral health. Each of us is an independent media that can influence many people.

Care about Oral Health

There are many people who do not care about oral health because they are unaware of their real importance. When there is a hole in a bottom tooth, it does not seek treatment because that tooth does not appear. Then if you need to extract, think: “Okay, it’s just a bottom tooth” for these and other thoughts that we, dentists, can use more of social networks to disseminate quality information on the topic.

The most interesting thing of all is that this disclosure, in addition to reaching many people, can serve as a digital marketing strategy for your clinic or office. Content marketing has been adopted very positively on the Internet. According to Wikipedia, any form of marketing that involves creating and sharing content to acquire and educate customers. It is not focused exclusively on sales, but on brand communication directly with customers and potential customers. The concept is based on generating customer loyalty by consistently delivering valuable information without direct commercial intent, but educational. In this case, the brand can be considered the search for the best possible oral health.

Online Doctor Consultation

You can use a patient’s email list, phone list to send messages via WhatsApp, personal profile or Facebook fan page, Instagram with images and videos through your feed or store, Twitter or YouTube via videos that stay on your channel. Each social network has a format. Which one or which to use? It’s up to you. Today, when a patient is absent, you can use this time to pick up your cell phone and record a short video with valuable information about oral health and post it on your social networks or send it directly to your patients, for example.

Against this, we face a major problem on the Internet: misinformation and myths that spread faster than true information. Sub-celebrities, fashion bloggers, and unsuspecting famous have a silly craze for wanting tips on everything, including oral health. These tips in most cases are guesswork, sympathy from grandmothers or nature bas means to clean your teeth, remove tartar, whiten your teeth or circumvent going to the dentist. Not to mention the amount of false news, the lay media, which sometimes does not take due care when it comes to issues related to health and some oral hygiene products that end up promising results that they cannot deliver.