A guide to selling you van: the way to get the simplest price

A guide to selling you van: the way to get the simplest price

Looking to move your van on? Make sure you get the simplest deal by following our guide to van sales , . Some vans appear to be they’re going to just run and run. We’ve all seen vans that look past their prime still trundling on, but at some point, you’ll little question want to maneuver your faithful friend on.

Whether you’re considering selling your van to urge a replacement model, or it’s become surplus to requirements and it might be more useful for you to possess the cash, you’ll want to make sure that you get the best price for it.

There are a number of areas to consider before putting your van up for sale, so we’ve put together a list of tips to point you in the right direction. Make a van valuation

Before you are doing anything you would like to urge an accurate idea of what price you’ll expect your van to fetch. Van valuation isn’t a particular science, but there are some easy ways to urge an honest starting figure. To get this you’ll need to get hold of the following information:

Make of your van

Van model

Year of manufacture



With these details available you ought to be ready to value your van reasonably accurately. It’s also important to be brutally honest about the van’s general condition. If it’s rust on the bodywork, scuffed bumpers, and paint, or dents and other issues this may obviously impact the worth considerably and provides people strong bargaining positions to try and drive down the price.

You can get a van valuation by looking in various car and van magazines at the costs for vans that are an identical age and model to yours. You’ll also find many online sites that will give you a guide price using just your registration and mileage.

Where to sell a van

When it comes to venues for selling your van your options are pretty simple.

The first (and most popular) option take out an advert in a magazine, newspaper, or online. It is sensible to think about the larger venues like Auto Trader, but don’t neglect your local paper’s ‘For Sale’ section. Online you’ll explore many of the vehicle selling sites, or try places like Gumtree and in fact eBay.

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Beyond that, you’ll prefer to accompany a van or dealer.

You can find local dealers by looking online, and they’re also are national dealers also.

Where to sell a van depends on what sort of sale you would like, which we’ll cover next.

Part exchange your van, private sale, or dealer sale?

There is more than one way to go about selling your van, and you have to decide whether you’ll part-exchange it, sell it outright to a dealer, or sell it privately. Each route has its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at each.

Sell your van privately

The plus points of a private sale are:

Higher price – You’ll generally be able to command a better price when selling privately because you’re not selling to a dealer who has one eye on their profit margins.

You’re on top of things – It’s your van and you’re selling it, so you’ve got the whip hand.